General description: STANDARD YAY Inc. has about 2700 shock absorbers for all brands of cars and light commercial vehicles in its portfolio.These springs are cold coiled  from 9 mm up to 22 mm (with oil tempered CrSi material)  in various sizes.In addition, we can apply surfaces of springs phosphatizing and then electrostatic powder coating, and all kinds of  marking according to our customers' requests.

Where to use: Use in Commercial, Light commercial vehicles and Cars.
Size: From 9 mm to  22 mm


Shock Absorbers, , Compression Springs, Extension Springs, Torsion Springs, Brake Cylinder Springs ,Disc Springs, Wire Form Springs, Valve Springs,Coil Springs, Suspension, Tractor Spring, Spring For Electric Industry,Precise Torsion Sprins,Auto Spare Car Springs,Various Sort Of Springs, Steel Springs, Battery Springs, Piston Ring Springs,