Quality Mentality:
In case of not mentioned by our customers, we use national and international standards. All stages from spring coiling to packaging are observed and controlled in accordance with the requirements of TS 16949:2002 / ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System.

Control of Wires:

In supplying the materials used in manufacturing, companies having manufacturing process in accordance with TS 16949:2002 / TS 16949 :2002/ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System are preferred.
The appropriateness of the materials used in manufacturing to the standards (TS 2500, DIN 17223, DIN 17224) is controlled by the certificates taken from the companies manufactured the materials and inspections of

Control of wire diameter
Control of breaking strength and chemical analysis in accordance with technical specifications
Control of packages at material reception of quality department of our company.

Control of Springs:

Power measurement
Control of diameter (d, Da, Dm, Di), length and coiling
Control of verticalness and horizontalness
Life test
Control of covering

In case of not mentioned by our customers, requirements of DIN 2095 (TS 1440) and DIN 2096 (TS 1442) standards are observed for springs.

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