General description: Compression springs  resistance to pressure. We can apply surfaces of springs , zinc-plating and phosphatizing  coating  that we produced. Can be grinding surfaces according to customer requests.

Where to use :  In use Automobile, Electric, White Goods, Furniture, Machinery industries.
Size: From 0.10 mm to  22 mm
Type of Material: Patent annealed cold drawn unalloyed spring steel wire.
                            Oil hardened and tempered spring steel wire.
                            Stainless spring steel.
Delivery time: Can change according to  amount of product (number) the that you have indicated with order.


Shock Absorbers, , Compression Springs, Extension Springs, Torsion Springs, Brake Cylinder Springs ,Disc Springs, Wire Form Springs, Valve Springs,Coil Springs, Suspension, Tractor Spring, Spring For Electric Industry,Precise Torsion Sprins,Auto Spare Car Springs,Various Sort Of Springs, Steel Springs, Battery Springs, Piston Ring Springs,