Standard Spring Incorporated  founded  in Istanbul on August 1979. Has been serving our customers in Ikitelli - Istanbul with 3000 m² factory , We manufacture in cold forming production range from 0.10 mm up to 22 mm wire diameters , all kinds of  Compression, Extension, Tension, Torsion. Our company is producing part of OEM  and works with the largest companies in the electricity and automotive sector.
Our company’s understanding of quality, particularly  compliance with standards the materials used in production (TS2500, DIN 17223, DIN 17 224, EN ISO 10 270) ,  perform control  with taking certificates from goods-producing companies and acceptance goods at the quality control ;
 Wire diameter control
 Control of breaking strength and chemical analysis in accordance with technical specifications
 Packaging control
 at material reception of quality department of our company.

Control of Springs:

Power measurement
Control of diameter (d, Da, Dm, Di), length and coiling
Control of verticalness and horizontalness
Life test
Control of covering

Today, our experienced staff and with the high technological CNC machines  We carry out   our customers' requests ; Specific Painting, Covering, Marking.Our company design and produce products that meet our customers' requirements besides can design and produce as per clients' special requirements .Our company has proven its quality  with TS 16949:2002, TSE 1442 , TSE 1440, ISO 9001:2008 certificates. Has been serving local market and almost 25 countries in the world.Our products are guaranteed for 2 years and 100% made in Turkey.
Standart Yay in consideration of date 31.12.2009  aims increasing the production capacity and provide its developement to reach the targets is planning to relocate in its 15.000 m2 factory in Gebze Organized Taysad Industry Zone near future.


Shock Absorbers, , Compression Springs, Extension Springs, Torsion Springs, Brake Cylinder Springs ,Disc Springs, Wire Form Springs, Valve Springs,Coil Springs, Suspension, Tractor Spring, Spring For Electric Industry,Precise Torsion Sprins,Auto Spare Car Springs,Various Sort Of Springs, Steel Springs, Battery Springs, Piston Ring Springs,